Monday, December 10, 2012

Dreidel: teaching kids about gambling early on

I was cracking up today as I got out our "favorite" dreidel.  Its got a good point, spins great.  And we all agree it is clearly the one we all fight over.

Anyway, the boys and I were allotted our gelt, the Jewish chocolate coins that according to my grandfather he had to go to Israel to get since the company in New York was unable to make them since hurricane Sandy.  Nine each.

Put a coin in the pot.

Sweet, I get the Gimmel.  The one that gets the kitty.

Boog gets a Shin, put one in.

Mudge, well, he gets a Nun, do nothing.

A couple of times, we even get some Hey, get half the kitty.

This early childhood gambling experience went on for a half hour while we waited (or shall I say put of lighting the menorah) until sunset.

I apparently have some good skill at the dreidel.  Years of experience beyond them I suppose.  I ended up winning.  I had over 15 coins.  And dammit if i am going to share them!