Friday, September 25, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: Starfish Therapies

At Starfish Therapies, Physical Therapist Stacy Menz challenges herself to be the Star Thrower everyday by making a difference to children and their families one challenge at a time.   

"I often get a lot of questions about where I got my company name from and while its on my website I never get tired of the story.  Its from the Star Thrower story (by Loren Eiseley) and in it the tide is going out an an old man is walking down the beach littered with starfish.  He sees a young boy throwing the starfish back into the ocean.  When the old man asks the young boy why he is bothering because the starfish are going to die anyway, the boy looks at him, throws another one into the ocean, and says, ‘but I made a difference to that one.’  The story embodies why I do what I do and why I started my company and blogging."

Stacy has been a Physical Therapist for 15 years, after first receiving her Master's from Boston University followed by her transitional DPT there as well.  She has taken her passion for pediatrics and helping families understand complex topics and molded into her blogging for the past  6 1/2 years.
 "One of my favorite posts to write is ‘What does low tone mean’.  I had the idea after explaining it to many families and seeing them understand what it meant for their child to have low tone.  They were finally able to figure out how to explain it to their family members or friends.  Being able to take complex terms and simplify it for families is something I really enjoy."

Stacy also has enjoyed sharing activities for therapists and caregivers to play with their kids to improve fine and gross motor development, like Five Ways to Use Drinking Straws and Ideas for Squatting.  

Like many health professionals, Stacy reflects daily on the successes that she observes and how it reaffirms her therapeutic practice. "The other day, I was working with a kiddo in early intervention and he took his first independent steps.  Seeing his parents’ reactions to moments like this is such a boost.  Same as when any child hits a milestone or a big goal.  Those are the moments that remind me why I do what I do."

So be inspired to be your own Star Thrower and check out Starfish Therapies or contact Stacy directly at  Make a difference in at least one person's life today.

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