Friday, September 2, 2011

If you give a kid a keyboard...

Ok. I know now how Laura Numeroff developed those fun loving stories about the Moose, Mouse and Pig.  She followed around a three year.   At that age, they have an innate ability to have the Oh-look-a-chicken syndrome and get distracted by anything and everything.  How do I know this?  Experience.  The following story is a step by step depiction of a day's event from not-too-long-ago.....

If You Give a Kid a Keyboard, by OT Mommy
Adapted from If You Give a Pig a Party.....
If you give a kid a keyboard,
he's going to ask to put on a rock concert.
When you plug the keyboard in,
he will decide he needs a back up singer.

So he will get his T Rex buddy, Bodie.
After setting his T Rex in front of the keyboard,
He'll get him a blanket so he doesn't get cold.
Then he'll get him friends, because he doesn't want Bodie the T Rex to get lonely.

But Bodie and his friends might get hungry as they rock out,
So he'll get the bucket of cars to feed the hungry dinosaurs,
Because as everyone knows, dinosaurs eat Match Box cars.
On the way, he will realize he needs his guitar.
So he will tell Daddy to get his too.

Then he will remember that all concert goers need hats.
After getting everyone a hat,
He'll remember that Bodie is warm with his blanket, ready to rock.
And realize his dinosaur rocker friends might get cold

And he'll insist they'll need blankets too.

After everyone is warmed with their hats and blankets

He will want to get his microphone.
But chances are,
After he gets the microphone,
He'll want to put on a concert
And he'll ask you to sing along too.
In the most death metal voice he can....

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