Saturday, July 20, 2013

ThinkFun-Alysis: Laser Maze

Can I tell you how much I love getting the email from Think Fun asking if I would like to review another game... I was blessed again to try out one of Think Fun's latest game, Laser Maze.  I will disclose that I did receive the game for free but it does not influence my thoughts about the game.

Rated for a single player aged 8 and up, Laser Maze is a challenge for persistence and sequential problem solving.  Its smoke and mirrors without the smoke.  Using mirrored pieces on the grid board according to graded challenge cards, the player must figure out where to put the other pieces so that they reflect the laser light beam its target.
My nearly eight year old analytical boy gave it the high thumbs up because he really liked the "split mirrors".  However, I did notice that it did not hold his attention for long though due to frustration tolerance.  He only got up to the third beginner-rated card (out of the 60 combo cards of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert) before he just shot the laser light around at different things in his room.  The other down side was the the battery to the laser light did not last long. After only three openings of the game, the light was dead.  So now I have to go get new watch batteries which will probably be at least a third of the of cost of the game, priced on Think Fun at $29.99.

It is a good quiet time game for when you need to divide the children if they are beating each other up.  Or great for an only child.  However, compared to the other ThinkFun games I found it to be moderately engaging. For the price I would be more apt to purchase Math Dice, Swish, AND Zingo To Go combined, or Cartoon It to get more bang for the buck.  Overall, if you know someone who likes independent play, problem solving and lasers, then it might be up their alley. But if you are looking for more interactive play, try some of Think Fun's other games.