Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fun Tools in Google Docs

When you open a new document in Google Drive, you will see it is set up similarly to a Microsoft Word document.  It will have most of the same bells and whistles you are used to, and some that you will wonder how you completed your work before.

The Research tool allows you to open a search bar with the Drive workspace.  Then you can search for relevant research topics and copy and paste links into your document.
If you would like a more readable link to these
Research tips, click HERE!
Voice Typing
For a more readable version of these
Voice Typing tips, click HERE!

Voice recognition used to be an add-on in docs, but now it is a built-in function.  Note, if you are planning to use it in a noisy setting like a classroom, then using a noise cancelling headset microphone will improve access to the tool.

Google Docs Editor Help provides a few quick reference tips and voice commands.

Add-ons are features in Google Docs that can help you perform task in the document on which you are working.  They will not carryover into a web program like extensions, but can support the reading and writing process.

An Add-On I recently learned about has been available for quite a while: Easy Bib.  Had I known about this a few weeks prior, I would have had a much easier time completing my research project.  

So now that you have a few more tools for your digital tool box, try them out and let me know what you think.  Up next, more apps and extensions as educational and/or assistive technology.