Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lego Land Discovery Center Boston

During April vacation of this year, the boys and I ventured up to Somerville, Massachusetts for a brick-building good time at Lego Land Discovery Center.  The boys had a great time, BUT make sure you do your research first before heading up.  There were quite a few things I found less than perfect for the experience.
My two boys standing under the giant Lego giraffe
Purchase online for discounts and guaranteed entry.  If you go on a whim, chances are you will not get in at your desired time.  I saw quite a few families have to be turned down or told come back at 3:45 pm (it was 10 am!).

You cannot bring your own food, except for infant formula. There is a SMALL food court with a minimal selection of moderately healthy choices.  But unless you and your kids like lunch meat, you are out of luck.  There were a few salads, a few wrap choices, and a few plain sandwich options, but no peanut or soy nut butter options.  There are baked chips, fruit cup and veggie cups with hummus.  But not all kids *like mine* eat them.  Either eat before you get there or after.  And if you leave, you cannot reenter without having to purchase another set of tickets.
Giant Lego Ice Cream Sundae
Activity Pack- You can purchase a $5 lanyard activity packet that acts as a stamp collector pad.  You are supposed to go through  the site and find 5 press stamps to fill.  I have always liked this idea because it helps provide a goal for some children, like a treasure hunt.  Problem was, three of the embossers were broken.  This was really annoying and disappointing for my boys.  If an embosser isn't working, why can't they just make a rub mark or an ink stamp to compensate?

Damn you, Lego, for the attached store that you can browse before and after. It includes a small selection of Lego Sets and make your own dude, but ultimately you can get the same products at stores or online for a heck of a lot cheaper.

Don't get me wrong; it wasn't all disappointing.  There were also quite a bit of fun to be had...
Laying in the Lego Pit
Lego-licious Play- There were plenty of stations to enjoy building and creating.  There was a race car test track station.  Even the columns had Lego pits from which to build and destroy colorful architecture.  There is an indoor gross motor center, a Lego movie short playing every 15 minutes, and two amusement rides.  Even the bathrooms are decorated in everything Lego!
Lego Racers Build and Test Station
Penny Squisher
Yeah! for 2 quarters and 1 penny you can add to your collection of squished pennies!!!

So Lego Land Discovery Center Boston is located in Assembly Row which is a large shopping center with a variety of high end shops. You can find free and cost parking available dependeing on the time you get there.

Accessibility Note
This is a very stimulating place.  It is noisy and colorful.  If anyone in your group has sensitivity to external stimuli, you may want to plan your trip on less busy days and times.  Also, if anyone in the group uses an adaptive mobility device (wheelchair, walker, etc), call ahead and check on the accessibility of the rides.  I don't remember seeing any particularly easy to enter accessible units, but they may be available.  For the most part, there is plenty of space to maneuver and access the play stations.

Bottom line, yes, go.  Have fun.  Enjoy the day.  It does make a nice day trip and is totally appropriate for your Lego lovers.   But keep in mind some of the issues we encountered so you can have a succeessful trip.