Monday, February 25, 2013

BlueOrange ya glad you found Spot It?

I am a sucker for good games.  A while ago a friend introduced me to Spot It! by BlueOrange.  If you like HyperSwipe by ThinkFun, you might like this card game in a can too!

Spot It! is a super easy and portable set of cards with multiple pictures on each.  There are many versions to play, but we are into the "Tower".  In this version, you want to end with the most amount of cards. So the center pile is face up and you each start with one.  You then have to quickly call out a picture that matches one of your own to the top card on the Tower Pile.  And so on, and so on.

It addresses form constancy, the ability to see a shape and recognize it even if it is smaller, bigger, or even upside down.  It also can build on vocabulary, articulation, turn taking (or not), visual scanning and attention.  Then throw in basic counting, more or less than concepts, and you have a secretly educational game.

I love it.  We can play it as a family.  It is super quick.  We have pulled it out after supper, before breakfast, and between errands.  Though targeted for 7 and up, Mudge who is now 5, has been able to play.  He might not be as quick but he can make quite the pile.  And the fact it is small and in a tin makes me even happier since the room of games is quite full.

There are 13 versions of Spot It! like sports, jr., travel, alphabet, and more.  You can find it on or at great little stores like BrainWaves in Narragansett, RI for around $10 and up depending on where you find it and which kind you pick up.  Try it out, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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