Monday, June 29, 2015

Mushed Brain.....

I am definitely starting my summer vacation 
with a completely 
empty brain. 
It has 

Once I have put the mushed brain into a jello mold and let it solidify into what I would consider adequate for creative postings, I will start writing again.  Until then, I am going to work on some much needed work-play balance. Read, go outside, color, clean, etc.   Hopefully my brain will recharge shortly  In the meantime, check out some of the awesome blog posts from other therapy bloggers like Handwriting with Katherine,  Miss Jamie OT, CanDo Kiddo, Your Kids OT, Therapy Fun Zone and Your Therapy Source.  If you would like to add any others to the list, please do so in the comment section!


  1. Enjoy your "much needed work-play balance" time! And thank you so much for putting your energy and creativeness into a guest blog for my site! Now, rest up:)

  2. I suppose as OT we do need to practice what we preach.... some of the time :)