Friday, November 27, 2015

Let's Go Take a [Google] Drive....

I have found a great beginners Google Drive Tutorial posted by Anson Alexander.  Rather than recreate the wheel, I embedded the video. It is close captioned as well.  What I really like is how he goes step by step introducing each part of Drive.    

Some organizational highlights I would reiterate:
1. Name your documents as soon as you start.  Getting into this great organizational habit will help you not end up with a variety of Untitled documents in your Drive.

2. Create folders.  Something he doesn't show you is that you can change the color of the folders.  Though he says he generally doesn't use folders personally, creating folders helps provide a visual sorting system that you can customize to match the colors of a student's color coding system that he or she already uses.  But note, the color features do not carryover to mobile device.   Just right click on the folder icon and select Change Color.

3. Star your frequently used or important documents.  Like favoriting a website, starring a file will allow you to quickly locate a document.

4. Delete things you no longer use or need.  If you Trash an item, it will only stay in the trash for 30 days. So be sure that you no longer need or want it.

Up next, Add Ons, Extensions and Apps- How to customize your experience and differentiate for learners of different abilities.

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