Monday, January 16, 2012

In case of emergency, don't look up from your game...

When I work out around my children, I don't expect them or want them to be in the middle of what I am doing. However, I would like them to acknowledge my falling ungracefulthermo the ground, rolling around and writhing (albeit briefly)in pain. Nope, not one glance up from thier electronic devices when this happened this morning.

So it got me thinking. God forbid I had a serious problem, would either of them notice?

I could see either of these following scenarios happen:
1. When they get up to pee, they step on me on thier way to the bathroom. Then, on their way back, they ask me for a snack. And when I don't get their snack, because I am unconscious lying on the floor, pursue the request with a louder version of "mom!" still while getting thru Bowser's Castle. Then finally call for help...Only after their DSi has run out of batteries.
2. Only after they begin arguing over the name of the Pokemon they each are going to pretend to be, leading to a battle of Nun uh and yeah Huhs, and some toys thrown, and find me unresponsive to their heated arguments, that they might come looking for me broken in the living room.

Maybe I should test out these theories.....

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