Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No, Sam don't eat.

I have determined we live in a land of reverse psychology. Or rather, just the little one does.

See, he is determined to do the opposite of whatever Dad tells him.

"No, Mudge, don't eat your pasta so you can shrink."
Devilish smirk, then he takes a great big bite.

"No, Mudge, don't finish your almonds, I want them."
Evil giggle followed by devouring 4 of them.

"No, Mudge, don't eat that broccoli so you don't grow. I don't want to have to buy the next size up."
Maniacle laugh followed by shoving it in his mouth.

We reflected on this one night. First, this has worked greatly to our benefit. Mudge is not a big eater and supper often takes an hour or more to get him to finish parts of his meal. He dilly dallies and generally fiddle farts and putzes around his dish as if he were working it like a maze. We would get so frustrated. But then the Ah Ha moment happened. The little shit always does the opposite of what Daddy tells him. Bingo! So dinner now is back to being more goofy and filling for the Mudge. And often it reminds us of the scene in A Chirstmas Story where Mom gets Ralphie's brother to eat his supper like a piggie.

I guess what it really comes down to is parents will do whatever it takes to get their children to do what they want,even if it takes a little verbal finagling.


  1. We have lots of meals like this with our little guy too ;)

  2. I somehow just don't be,I've he doesn't like nuggets. He would just rather eat crackers and treats from the golden basket