Monday, October 1, 2012

Land of Ahs...

Over the summer, I got a call from a friend to meet her at this "cool playground" in Killingly, Connecticut.  Always looking for a new place to play, I agreed.
Well, let me tell you, this place is a great free find.  Land of Ahs is a comprehensive little playground with lots of extras.  As a Boundless Playground, it is pretty accessible for kids and adults using walkers and wheelchairs.  Located in Owen Bell Park, at 572 Hartford Pike, Killingly, CT., it is convenient right off 395.  
There is bike/skateboard park located adjacent to the parking.  There are bathrooms and covered picnic tables, which is something I don't often find but often need.  In the summer, there is also small splash zone.  So make sure to pack some extra clothes.

There is a decent partially paved path for bikes and walkers that lead the way around the field to a pond and ice cream shop.
Some of the other things I loved is the use of poured in-place rubber surfacing, which makes for smooth and safe play for kids of most abilities.  And though the Lions Club, Bryant College and Killingly townsfolk updated this playground, they also kept some of the older pieces in place too, so there is a large spread area of play available.

We reallllllly enjoyed our time there.  We brought bikes, water clothes, sunscreen and lunch.  We were set.  And had it not been for an appointment later in the day, we probably would have stayed longer.  So before the weather turns to wintery, take a hike down 395 to quiet Killingly and try out Land of Ahs.

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