Monday, November 18, 2013

'Appy Hour Review: Write Room

I found Write Room, by Hog Bay Software, for free on Apps gone Free. Normally $4.99, I couldn't not try it.

Write Room is a super cool app that is easily modifiable to those with visual impairments, visual attention, or to those who just prefer working in a different font and background.

When comparing Write Room to Notes, issued standard on iPhone and iPad, there are notable differences. The background in Write Words is very customizable, as is the font. You are able to adjust size, color, and style all within the app.

It is set up with limited distractions visually. Similarly to Notes on the iPhones, there are no lines.  However, it takes just a quick tap on the title line to pull up options to print, email or rename.  Also, it has a word count and sync option within that feature.

Like Notes, you are able to create new documents and folders. You can send your documents via email or to your wireless printer.  Unlike Notes, you are unable to send it as a text message, which I hope is an option in their upgrade attempts.

This entire blog was type written using Write Room with yellow font on black background. I loved the high contrast. Maybe because my eyes are getting older or I just have this personal preference, the option to easily access a high contrast typing app is wonderful.

I think I am a convert from using Notes to using Write Room as my go to quick note taker. Take a chance and try it as well, while it is free.  Who knows, you just might like it as well.  And if you like working on it, there are versions for other Mac products, too.

As of this post, Write Room is still free while they work on updates, so download it now.

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