Sunday, January 12, 2014

Five Bucks or Less: Teeth Brushing Help

If you are like me, and fight to get more than 17 seconds of the recommended 2 minutes for your child or student to brush their teeth, then check your local pharmacies, dollar stores, or Five Below stores for the Firefly Toothbrush.

I came across these toothbrushes for under $5.  When the child pushes the button, it starts a 1 minute  visual timer, a light up cue.  As the time runs out, the lights change from green to yellow and finally red. The idea is that the child would brush the bottom row for 1 minute, then press again for the top.  Though, I wish it was a two minute timer, I am thrilled with the one minute.  It has really helped both my sons to complete this activity of daily living much more independently and happily. Without me having to leave other timers in the bathroom.

The simple visual cue of the lights can be helpful for kids with and without disabilities.  I say if its under $5, its worth a try to help with the fight that so many parents face to get children to brush their teeth.

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