Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recipe Review: 3 Ingredient Lemon Cookies AKA Facebook Fail

When I saw this post on Facebook for the 3 Ingredient Lemon Cookies from Somewhat Simple, I was like "Sign Me Up!"  I love lemon.   So do the kids.  The next time I went food shopping I picked up the Lemon Supreme Cake Mix, an 8 oz container of Whipped Topping, and the 1 egg (Ok, I had the egg).
The directions were simple.  Mix the three ingredients in the mixer and blend until smooth.  Bake for 10 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven.  And let cool 10 minutes before enjoying.
I have to say, it was a great way to get my older son, Boog, to bake with me.  Often he just likes to reap the benefits, like the story of the Little Red Hen ~ Who will help me grind the wheat? Not I, said the dog…
Unfortunately, the cookies themselves were a little disappointing.  They LOOKED beautiful.  The batter looked so smooth, it reminded me of a meringue drop cookie.  But they were SO STICKY.  My KitchenAid was actually suffering as it churned the lemony concoction.
Once baked, I couldn't get them off the parchment paper.  To salvage them, I either folded them in half or stuck two together so I could at least store them without it becoming one giant sticky mess.  I also checked at the 10 minute mark, and decided they needed more time in the oven (but that may have just been my oven).  Also, they are very sweet.  I know, you might be saying, DUH! They are made with Cool Whip and cake batter.  But in my mind, I guess I expected something else.
So, I just wanted to share my experience of this Facebook Fail, so that you can be prepared in case you attempt these cookies. Super grease your cookie sheet.  Monitor your KitchenAid so it doesn't blow up.  But have fun making them.

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