Sunday, October 27, 2013

'Appy Hour: Splat the Clowns by Inclusive Technology

Given the nature and severity of the disabilities of many of the children with whom I work, I am continuously on the look out for engaging and accessible games.  So when I came across Inclusive Technology and the variety of cost friendly apps, I couldn't help but add them to my repertoire.
I need to state, not all apps are switch accessible.  But those that are switch accessible, can also be used with the standard touch interface.  Not to be too technical, but in order to use switch access, one must have access to a Blue tooth switch interface, like the Pretorian APPlicator.  It is the one that I currently use with my students.
Splat the Clowns was the first Inclusive Tech app I had purchased, for $2.99.  The idea is to press a switch or touch the screen to splat the clown face when it gets to the circle in the center of the screen.  Splat five clowns and the reward song comes on.  This app is great for building cause and effect play, targeting, timing, and visual tracking.  You can easily incorporate language concepts like wait, in, go, or turn taking social pragmatics if doing this as part of a group.  It's black background, simplistic and uncomplicated, make it a wonderful app for those with visual impairments, like cortical visual impairment, low vision, etc.  I have used this app with a students from preschoolers through 5th graders with a variety of abilities, from able bodied peers to those with the most challenging impairments; the result is still the same: Engaged and Happy Players.  Splat the clowns is a wonderful addition to the cause and effect play folder on any iPad.

Check out Splat the Clowns at the App Store.

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