Saturday, October 26, 2013

Having Too Much Fun Adapting....Multi Purpose Foil Tape

After my husband educated me to the benefits of MultiPurpose Foil Tape found in the venting sections at your local hardware stores, I was in awe.  For under $8, I have found my new favorite tool for my AT Tool box.

First, I adapted a slip on keyboard aid for one of my students who is having success using it with the computer, and I wanted him to carryover use with his iPad.
Above is my oldest, trying it out for me on Writing Wizard App by  L'Escapadou.  And below on Splat the Clowns by Inclusive Tech.
Then I wanted to try to see how versatile the foil is. So I looked around the house, found an empty twistable crayon, 3 pompoms to shove in the hole, then wrapped in in the foil.  
Voila, instant stylus.

I am also lucky too that my boys love to try out my designs and I have a very intuitive hubby.

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