Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kiwi Crate, the busy mom's answer to arts and crafts

I love Kiwi Crate.  Flat out, this has been one of the best investments in a monthly subscriptions I have ever done.  Way better than Highlights or Ranger Rick.  It takes the thinking and preparation out of arts and crafts time.  For me, I have to be on my toes of creativity at work everyday, and some (or many) times I just don't have the where-with-all or energy to come up with things to do with the boys.

So well over a year ago, I came across Kiwi Crate in some magazine, I think it may have been Family Circle.  On the whim, I explored the website and ordered a single month activity box.  From the moment that little green box came in, the boys and I have been hooked.
Each month, a box filled with materials and instructions for two activities arrives at our doorstep.  The boys spot it and scream, "THE KIWI CRATE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Once inside, I am guaranteed at least and hour (if not two) of engaged, happy kids.  Yes, I am there too.  It is a time that I can just play with them during the hands on crafts and not have to worry about instructing on each step.  Kiwi Crate provides the how-to with easy to read steps and picture supports.  My oldest, now 8, can easily read the guide to the youngest, 5 and they can generally do quite a bit independently.
There is a mess-o-meter that helps prepare me for how much of one there will be. But it is never too much for us to handle.  And I am always surprised at the amount of left over materials that I do have to keep for a later date.
A monthly subscription ranges from $16.95 to $19.95 a month, plus either a full extra cost for a sibling (or just 9.95 for extra materials per month).  I'm not saying it is cheap, but for the time that it would take me to go to Michael's or AC Moore, come up with an idea and materials list, organize it, and execute it, I would be close to that cost and more importantly my wits end.  Like I said, its an investment, but one well worth it.

I have recommended it to friends and parents of my students to help increase playful engagement, without the thinking factor.  Sometimes we forget just how to play with our kids between school, soccer, bed, and bath.  Plus there is the added bonus of it being an educational product.  It addresses sensory, fine motor, hand eye coordination, math, language, science but most importantly, persistence.

I laugh to myself because it took me nearly 18 months to write a review, not because I didn't want to but because there was so much I could say about it.  So after the boys finished their October crate this morning, and are currently playing with their Glow Creatures, I figured I would take this moment to scream at the top of the mountain: "THE KIWI CRATE IS HERE!!!"

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