Thursday, February 27, 2014

'Appy Hour Review: Five Speckled Frogs

In the consistent nature of Inclusive Technology apps, Five Speckled Frogs is a great springtime addition to the repertoire.
Like other similar apps including Five Little Aliens, Five Rock Stars, and Five Swimming Sharks, Five Speckled Frogs offers a catchy and familiar song with two additional counting activities.  It also costs $2.99 in the iTunes app store.  Switch accessibility is still an option. And of course the visuals and sounds are pleasantly aligned with the other apps/products.   But, here is the best part….. app designers listened to feedback! There are back buttons and a two finger tap in the upper left hand corner to quickly go back within the app without having to close out of the app completely.
Not only is it refreshingly wonderful and gratifying that as a consumer, my voice (and presumably others) was heard, but it shows how dedicated this company is to serving the educational community of special needs.  I hope to see this feature in updates of the other apps!

Five Speckled Frogs is such a frequently used concept in the pre-K setting, that there are many ways to create lessons and activities.  Now in the special education assisive tech community, we can say, "Yes there is an app for that."

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