Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If you want to be edutained….

The MacGuyver of Assistive Technology herself, Dr. Therese Willkomm will be in Rhode Island in March to lead a great workshop.  I have had the pleasure of participating in Therese's workshops twice.  Her unique presentation style and ideas ignite creativity and practicality that will follow you to work and home immediately.  After her workshop, I visited my local Ace Hardware multiple times to get my hands on PVC piping and various other supplies to make a variety of assistive tech supports for my students.  And luckily, my husband has access to lots of companies who supply many of the materials she recommends.  So if you want to be edutained, consider contacting TechAccess to register for this make and take session with materials included!

Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes – Using Ordinary Items to Create
Extraordinary Solutions – A Hands-On Make and Take Fabrication Workshop

March 28, 2014 8:30 am —3:30 pm

Learn how to make over 50 adaptations to accommodate someone who experiences a disability. This hands-on, interactive fabrication workshop will teach you how to make over 50 adaptations in 5 min. or less. These adaptations include assistive technology mounting solutions for a wheelchair, table, bed, car, crib, and other surfaces; adaptations to an iPAD; creating basic switches; and making solutions using various plastics. Each participant will fabricate: an iLean, BookiLean, SlantiLean, ScaniLean, SitiLean, FlipiLean, MouseiLe-
an, a battery interrupter; momentary switch; a Plate switch; a camera mount; and an adapted stylus. In addition, participants will learn how to heat and bend acrylic and cut PVC pipe.

Materials and Registration $180.00 

Contact TechACCESS to inquire about group discounts    

To register for any of our workshops visit our website: www.techaccess-ri.org 

The mission of TechACCESS of RI is to promote and support the independence and achievement of people with disabilities through the use of technology.

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