Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goodnight iPad

As I passed the adult section in the library, about to let the boys check out their umpteen books, I stopped and giggled.  Oh,  I am soooo bringing this home.
(click on the book above to watch the story)

If your household is anything like mine, there are enough electronics to start a small Mac army.  And at least one copy of Goodnight, Moon, which frankly I don't particularly enjoy, but the kids do.  So if you have read about the lady whispering hush, the comb and the bowl full of mush to the point you want to huck the bowl full of mush at her, try Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd.  Note the author's name.

There is no longer a woman whispering hush.

There is no bowl of mush. (why would you say good night to it anyway?????)

Just a frustrated woman telling all the people in her family to shut off the thousands of electronic devices and go to bed.

I would put this adult children's parody in a category with Go the F to Sleep, just without the Samuel L. Jackson, umm, quality. 

For a laugh, get the book for yourself or for a friend, or at least an electronic-obsessed coworker.

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