Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boon Bag-a-polooza

I am sure you are all aware of the children's story song, "Ten in the Bed".  I am quite confident that if I were to redo the story, it would more accurately reflect the "Fifty-four in the Bed" that Mudge has.  In fact, he has so many that they take up close to three quarters of the surface of the "sleeping" space.  Luckily he is so short that it doesn't matter too much.  But frankly, when sheet-cleaning-Saturday comes, I grumble under my breath.

But today, oh glorious today, my saving grace arrived.  The Boog Animal Bag.  It doesn't look like much, but it is a brilliant little addition to each of the boys' rooms.  The Boon Bag is a stuffed animal storage bag rated for 18 months and up. It is a 100% polyester, machine washable container that 'when full' is 24" x 22" x 12".  It doesn't seem like much, but behold the glory!


 Mudge fit 50+ animals in.  I lost count.
"These things are the best things evvvvaaa!"
Boog fit 40+.

And now, instead of their beds being the stuffed animal zoo, the Boon Animal Bag is the special place where the stuffed animals belong.   Not only that, it turns the plethora of cozy creatures into a chill out spot for the boys to read or watch tv.

Retail, it goes for $48.  However, being a saving junky at times, I found them on Kohls.com for much less.  And bonus, if you have a Kohls charge, you can always search for coupon codes.  I managed to these bad boys for $30 with free shipping. 

So if you suffer from the overwhelming need to burn the stuffed animals, wait.  Get one of these or its cousin the Boon Bag Otto (around $85) or the Boon Trio (around $100).  And you can always tell the kids whatever doesn't fit goes to charity.  

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