Sunday, July 22, 2012

South County Balloon Festival

After years of missing the South County Balloon Festival, due to conflicting vacations, we finally made it last night.

 Located at the URI Athletic Field in Kingston, RI, the Balloon Festival plays host to concerts, vendors, and of course a bunch of hot air balloons.  The other bonuses include the BBQ competition which is taking place on Sunday.  Three of the major competitors at least sold their variety of pulled pork and brisket yummy deliciousness towards the back of the park.  I love BBQ, so this was the other reason I wanted to go.
Besides the gas money, it costs $25 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kiddos) to go.  There are amusement rides (which we didn't do) and games for a cost.  But there are some 'freebies' too.  Bwana Jim held a couple of shows and we were able to see a turkey vulture and other vermin.  There was a free catch and release tank.  But neither of the boys caught anything because the fish were well-fed from a day of children releasing bait into the tank.
And of course, the Cannon Lady.
You can even walk inside a partially inflated balloon.
It was the dusk lifting of the hot air balloons that was the beautiful.  Though it got a little windy and they were not sure if they would lift off, eventually the 8 or so balloons expanded their nylon to give the peole what they wanted.  A sight.  And it was....

So if you have no idea what to do today, head down route 138 towards URI for the last day of the South County Balloon Festival.  Bring a camera, some cash and an appetite, and hopefully you won't be disappointed.

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