Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything tastes better when goes around and around and....

I made the best $1 purchase at the Holiday Bazaar: a Tupperware Veggie Spiral Gadget.  Oh yeah.   I couldn't wait to use it.  I remember watching info-mercials when I was younger (sad I know) and I wanted one of these sooooo  badly.  I always thought how friggin' cool it was to be able to create a slinky with your food.  20+ years later, my (sad little) dream came true.  And now it was time to bring the boys into the act.
Boog watched me at first spiralize the mini purple potatoes.  And yes, you can find them in the grocery store as Green Giant Klondike Gourmet brand.  They are not dyed, they are cultivated.
Before long, he wanted to try his hands at it.  So I handed him a tuber and set him up to make his starchy screw.  He needed a little help, but other wise, the tool was safe for him to use.  It is made out of a sturdy plastic, no metal.  Of course we couldn't stop there.  So together we worked on a coiled cucumber concoction. 

Back to radial roots: I preheated the oven to 500, drizzled some olive oil and kosher salt, baking them till they got a little crispy, about 10-15 minutes (because my oven is electric and it sucks).  And they were good.  Boog wouldn't eat them, but Mudge had the Yukon spirals since "purple is a girl color." 
For something so simple, it is a fun little piece to add to the drawer.  The bad thing was I couldn't stop.   I coiled an apple.  I tried to circumvolve a carrot but that did not work; it was too hard.  And now I am trying to find out just what else I can curl, wind, and whorl.

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