Sunday, December 4, 2011

A literary comparison; Mudget vs Rudolf

The other day Mudge told me his favorite Christmas toy is Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. And he proceeded to sing his anthem with a little voice. Incredibly cute but also kid of sad because Mudge is like that crimsoned snouted beast. Let me describe with song....

Mudget the red cheeked PITA
has a very fat left cheek
And if you ever saw it
You might even ask what he'd eat

All of the other people
Used to ask what's in his mouth?
They never stopped to think
That it might be medically stout.

But one clear December day
Dr Greene stopped and said
Mudget with your cheek so big
Let's do surgery to remove the jig(gle)

So as we wait for cut time
We reminisce 'bout all the fun
Mudget the big cheeked PITA
Regardless, youre a lovable one......

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