Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Golden Basket- what to do with all of the excess candy just calling your name

“Mom, can I have a treat from the Golden Basket?”  Huh? “The GOLDEN BASKET.  You know the special bowl up there with all the candy.”  And there it began. Booger created the best thing to get my kids to eat their supper- The Golden Basket.

Doesn’t it sound magnificent and magical? Well it is.  As many of you probably have one of these in your home, an antique bowl from your grandmother’s house just sitting and collecting dust or other odds and ends.  Ours was sitting in the cabinet and to prevent all of us from devouring Chrismakkah (I’ll get to that another blog), Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s candy, we just threw it in there.  Well, Booger finally noticed.  And now after he eats his supper, he gleefully asks to “pick a treat from the golden basket.”

Of course, Mudget, not to be left out will take one bite of his supper and ask for a treat as well. “No, you need to eat your supper first.”  Another bite.  “Not quite.”  And so this will go on for 15-20 minutes to get him to eat a reasonable amount of his meal, because truthfully he is a carboholic grazer and will eat one little niblet at a time. Then, when we decide it is ok, he will ask “Now can I have a treat from the Golden Basket?”  Yes, honey.  “YEAH!!!”

So if you are harboring old candy, old bowls, and picky eaters try creating a Golden Basket of your own.  You might get your kids to try new things, finish an activity, or even eat their supper.

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