Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Run Jane, Run...

See Dick run. Run, Dick run.
See Spot run. Run, Spot, run.
See Jane sit on her ass.  Run, Jane, run.

I was never a runner.  Didn't like it.  Used to avoid.  Hated it when it came to the running part in gym class.
So why I have decided to pick it up now is a mystery.  Well, not really.

Almost a year ago, my almost 40 y.o. husband decided to run to stay in shape.  Now that he has been doing it legitimately for a quite some time and doing his first half marathon on Sunday, I felt obligated to try it, too.  So with the help of Running Daddy, I found an app called Couch to 5K.  For $2.99, it provides me with a no-think approach for getting my out of shape 31 year old body into a 5K-er in about 9 weeks.  It tells you when to warm up, walk, and jog, like Curves circuit training.  And I have to say, I actually enjoy it.  Minus the investment into new running shoes, which I totally recommend after getting the worst shin splints and hip pain after my first run in my 10 y.o. Sketchers, I have found it cheaper than joining a gym.  

My doctor told me after Mudget, that I would most likely be a diabetic within 10 years because I was an insulin gestational diabetic with both children.  So not only do I have benefit of being at my pre-preganancy weight and my jeans fitting better, but I have the added benefit of hopefully to veering off any chances of becoming a "Dia-becca" again...  Because I really did not enjoying stabbing myself everyday, two times daily.

So, if you are thinking about exercising and losing the muffin top, try running. And check out Rhode Runner in Providence if you are going to buy running shoes.  The staff was incredibly patient, helpful and knowledgable about picking the right shoes for me.

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  1. Good reading, good writing, good advice....glad you are pre-preg and a new pair of sneakers too!