Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HA! Now it's stuck in your head, too

F is for frolicking through the forest, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.

Oh sweet Jesus, I am doing it again. Do you ever find yourself singing kids songs when there isn’t anyone under the age of 6 around you? Well if you don't, you're lucky. If you do, join the oh- sweet- lord- all- I –listen- to –is- kids -music club.

I realized I was a member shortly after my father, as a Hanukkah gift, bought me a subscription to XM radio, a satellite radio system. Great, I thought, this will be cool. (because I didn’t think having my infant Booger listening to Korn or the Beastie Boys was appropriate yet). So I found channel 116 Kids Place Live now XM Kids. Kids music all day, all the time. Really all day all the time. I found myself listening to it in the car when the kids weren't there.

Finally my girlfriend since third grade did an “inter-friend-tion”  (thank you Sex in the City) simply stating "the kids aren't in the car why the hell are we listening to Laurie Berkner Band?". Good question. Why was I? It led to this deep existential question about my identity.

Am I only a mom? No dammit. I am a (at the time) 20 something who is a wife, a chick, a reader, a cook, an OT, a lover of grunge, alternative, and classic rock and the occasional country song. So why the hell am I listening to the Doodlebops? F this. I changed the channel proudly taking back my roots and identity, and rocked out to WAAF.  Of course I didn't have the swagger wagon yet so it didn’t look as funny. Moral of the story turn off the kids stuff every once in a while and regain your coolness. If not you will be sucked into the world of children looking like a zombie out of night of the living Barney. I love u, u love me ....

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