Friday, April 29, 2011

Tickle Teeth, sneaky peeps and other parent-isms to make your kids do what you want

As time goes by with kids, I have found there is a significant correlation between kid reluctancy to complete tasks and parent creativity; as reluctancy increases, so do parent creativity.  Especially with boys, everything is better when there is a cool or disgusting name to it.  Though not all of these are purely original concoctions of our own (thanks to the Durty Feet family) they are all used on almost a daily basis.

Tickle Teeth: (noun) brushing one's teeth
Abre: (verb) opening one's mouth so they can be assisted with tickle teeth
Sneaky Peeps: (noun) the act of bladder emptying prior to bed, car rides, or any other task as needed.  synonym "Stinky Peeps"
Booger Vacuum: (noun) the nasal aspirator that sucks out the nasty stuff out of Mudget's head
Booger Spray: (noun) in conjunction with the booger vacuum, used to loosen up the nasty stuff in Mudget's head
Booger Rocks: (noun) hard, lumps of the the nasty stuff stuck up Booger's nose
Snot Rocket: (noun) blowing nose effectively
Alien heads: (noun) Brussel sprouts
Bows: (noun) stitches
Cleaning Potatoes: (verb) the act of cleaning the ears with Qtips

Now I would like you to try your new vocabulary in a sentence, for example: "Joey, it's time for tickle teeth."  or "Max, go get the Booger Spray. The Booger Rock is stuck and we need to use the Booger Vacuum."  Very Good!
Next time your kid is reluctant to try something or do something, be creative and you might be surprised...

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