Monday, April 25, 2011

OT Soap Box- Daily Pint Size Inspiration

I love my kids. Not just the ones I gave birth to but also the amazing ones with which I work. Many of the children I get to play with on a daily basis are those with exceptional needs, including many with autism. Most of these kids are under 6 years old. They don't speak. But they can make me smile doing some of the simplest things that many of us take for granted with our own "typically" developing kids. 

The first time they exchange a picture to request more swing time...The first time they squish play doh.... The first time they jump on a trampoloine without me having to bounce it with my foot.... The first time they look me straight on the eye and give me a high five.  

These children are just a few of the approximately 1:100 that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. April is Autism Awareness month. So I figured I might step on the OT soapbox for a few blogs to talk about it.  These kids are still just kids trying to make sense of a world that is trying to make sense of them. 

Check out for kids' music inspired by children at the Celebrate Children School in Wharton, NJ.  Part of the proceeds of the his album "Love me for who I am" will go to Autism Speaks and the Celebrate Children School.

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