Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mini Marathonners

Running Shoes: Check
Running Shirt: Check
Running Hat: Check
Running Socks: Check

Yes, we had to make sure we had all of our special running things on, because this was serious business.  They were running in a race, just like Daddy.  By 8 am, we were ready and raring to go.  Both Booger and Mudget "raced" in the 5 and Under category at the Cox Rhodes Race Kids Marathon.  Accompanied by at least another 60 kids, they ran their little hears and feet out.  Surprisingly, Mudget even passed some of the older kids and never stopped to walk.  Like little Energizer Bunnies, he and Boog kept going and going.  In fact, Uncle Durty Feet and Uncle Snicklefritz accompanied them on a second run, just because they wanted to go again.  And Mudget refused a piggy back ride, only to give the thumbs up when asked if he were ok.

It was really a site to see all of the little ones so excited to do a race.  Like ours, I think many of them have parents in the Rhodes Race marathon tomorrow.  In fact, it inspired me to make sure I sign up for a 5K soon, because I don't want to be the only one without a number in my family....

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