Monday, September 7, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: Can Do Kiddo

Today, the SpOT Light shines on an OT committed to capability.
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When she became a mother a year ago, Rachel Coley, an Occupational Therapist of now 9 years, noticed people were looking to her for advice.  "I was asked repeatedly to write a book, start a blog, and create a product or business to help parents."  So as an homage for when she was able to ease parents' anxiety about what their child could not do, but focus on the joy of what they CAN, Can Do Kiddo was born.

With her background in infant and toddler development, and having an infant to boot,  Rachel couldn't help but write about things she was doing with her own child.   Her top tip? Less baby gear, more floortime play!  On her page, What Every Parent Should Know, Rachel links to a variety of posts on letting infants explore outside of the baby gear.  
Rachel Coley picture
"As a pediatric Occupational Therapist, I see and treat many issues in older babies, toddlers and children that likely started in early infancy - head shape problems, poor upper body and core strength, sensory processing challenges, and more."  

She also has published Begin with A Blanket, a compilation of 45 tips for infant play and development.  Rachel provides her experience and insight with products that she has found useful, therapeutic and developmentally appropriate. 

Visuals are a big part of Rachel's posts.  They help her describe positioning strategies.  She often used her own child as a model.  But as her child grew, she still needed a model for demonstrating poses and techniques.  So...... she used a stand in.   "I have a VERY realistic baby doll that I use for blog photos from time to time when I need a newborn photo. Luckily baby #2 is due in November so I’ll have a new model!"

So keep on the lookout for Rachel's newest addition in upcoming posts when you visit Can Do Kiddo.  Or contact her directly at 

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