Saturday, September 5, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: The Inspired Treehouse

Today, let's climb up the pediatric therapy 'Giving Tree' as I shine the SpOTLight on: The Inspired Treehouse.

The Inspired Treehouse Logo
When Claire Heffron, Lauren Drobnjak and Pam Braley began The Inspired Treehouse, it was for out of a love of sharing.  

"The Inspired Treehouse as a way to share information about child development and activities to help promote healthy development in kids.  We all had files full of activity ideas that we used in therapy, but unless they were being used at school, they were just gathering dust in our basements!  We knew that blogging would be a great way for us to organize and archive our ideas while also sharing them with a larger audience.  For me, blogging is my dream job.  It is the perfect way for me to use my expertise as a therapist and my experience as a writer to help others learn more about child development and how they can encourage healthy development for kids at home, in the classroom, and beyond!"

Profile Pic Clare HeffronWith 10 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy, and a Bachelor's degree in Magazine Journalism, Claire and her team of co-horts have a lot to share.  Informational posts range from the importance of core strengthening  to an index of over 300 activities for the kids.  Two of her favorites include Inclusion and Providing OT Services in the Classroom.  and Couch Cushion Games for Kids.  Who doesn't like a good game of Wreck it Ralph and Fix-It Felix? :) Claire also advocates for free play and movement to help children develop their skills.

"All of my favorite therapy memories have been when I've set aside my data sheets, paperwork, and therapy "agenda" and simply let the kids take the lead.  It's incredible how much more information you can get this way - about what kids really need and what their strengths are.  These are the times I've felt a true connection with my students and have been able to appreciate their personalities and who they really are.

I think the most important thing we can do as parents, teachers, caregivers, and therapists is to give kids constant opportunities for free play and movement.  Being able to run, jump, climb, balance, and even being allowed to fall once in awhile, are all essential for kids to develop strong gross motor, fine motor, and sensory processing skills.  We can be advocates for integrating movement into the classroom, for ensuring that our kids get enough time for recess and [physical education], and for creating an active lifestyle at home that includes lots of unstructured play time."

Since Claire and Lauren are both active moms, balancing kids, work and the business is a challenge.  But they make it work.  "Our business runs on about 1,000 text messages and voicemails a day, along with the odd rushed phone call with kids yelling and screaming in the background."  

Of course I think that is why I appreciate them as a Therablogger.  Most of us have been there. We are all trying to manage the work-life balance. None of us are Linda Carter's Wonder Woman, though we all wear the crown just as well, if not better!

So head on over to The Inspired Treehouse.  I am sure you will find something to spark your interest. Their treehouse reaches further than just the site too.  You can also check out other branches on Facebook @inspired.treehouse, Twitter @inspiredtree and Instagram @insptreehouse. 


  1. Thank you for the "spotlight" and a cool twist on our tree logo! :) Love the references to our other branches!! :)

  2. I really enjoyed sharing what I learned about what makes your blog tick!