Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: Your Therapy Source

I close out the September SpOT Light Series: Discover the Therablogger with a seasoned Physical Therapist and her desire to keep herself and her readers up to date on current research and treatment ideas.  Today's SpOT Light shines the light onYour Therapy Source.

Margaret Rice received her Masters in Physical Therapy 21 years ago from Columbia University after obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education.  Your Therapy Source first started out strictly as a company in 2007, then established itself with a web presence one year later.  Your Therapy Source's blog is now in its sixth year of publication in which it "specializes in electronic documents for pediatric occupational and physical therapists. [YTS] publishes a FREE digital magazine monthly for pediatric OTs and PTs.  You can subscribe to our email list on our home page at http://www.YourTherapySource.com"

On her blog, Margaret shares a variety of her favorite back to school tips.  10 Back to School Tips for School Based Therapists reiterates organizational keys to facilitate a successful year for everyone involved in the students' care.  And if you are looking for tangible therapeutic activities, who can resist items like free printables for the fall or 8 Print and Go Ideas for Indoor Recess?

But the biggest advice Margaret could share comes from her therapeutic 'ah-ha' moment.  "As a pediatric therapist, a 5 year old taught me my most important lesson (thankfully early in my career).  Let the child lead.  Internal drive is an amazing motivator in children.  I was there to support his goals as needed and modify the environment."

Letting the child lead sometimes gets lost along the way of access common core and testing.  But as so many of the therapists from the SpOT Light Series: Discover the Therabloggerlike Margaret, have shared personal stories and epiphanies that bring the focus back on the purpose of our existance: helping our clients (children, adults, whatever) access their life occupations.  So, if you haven't already checked out the 14 innovative authors, take the time to do so.  Inspiration just may be a click away.

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