Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: OT Notes

Today, the SpOT Light shines on the author of OT Notes, Cheryl Morris, who has been blogging for nearly as long as she has been practicing Occupational Therapy.

OT Notes began as a way to share study sheets and chapter notes related to the classes in which she was taking at West Virginia University.   As the years passed and her experiences grew, from acute care to outpatient and early intervention to school system, OT Notes evolved.  

"My blog really started for students and then became a good record of my work in a variety of backgrounds. I don’t write as much as I used to, as other things have taken a higher priority, but I tweet frequently and continue to enjoy sharing information on those platforms."

Cheryl recently guest posted on Handwriting With Katherine, on which she chronicled her experience and experimentation with assistive technology for students with complex needs, something to which I relate closely.  You can also read about the therapeutic use of humor also known as Foolishness with a Purpose. "Be willing to make a fool out of yourself to help your clients overcome fears of pain or looking silly." Cheryl has also presented at conferences regarding social media, advocacy and pediatric practice.
Now relying on other social media such as Twitter to keep relevant topics to OT flowing, Cheryl is involved in the #OTalk2US movement. #OTalk2US is a monthly chat that helps therapists connect and discuss topics in the profession.  
"It's easy to interact with all kinds of people who you would never meet normally, or never would be exposed to geographically."

Check Cheryl out  as @OTnotes as she leads the Sunday September 13th #OTalk2US twitter chat at 7 pm. She will be conversing on how to meet the needs of students with complex/multiple disabilities in the school system.


  1. Great introduction to Cheryl and her OT Notes. She is an inspiration for all of us!

    1. It's amazing to see how long therapists, like Cheryl, have been spreading the work and word of OT :) Looking forward to participating in my first twitter chat *hopefully* on Sunday!