Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: Pink Oatmeal

Physical Therapist Chanda Jothen didn't initially plan on writing about her experiences in pediatrics therapy services.  But since her Do It Yourself projects didn't pan out quite as she would have liked, Pink Oatmeal evolved into the fantastic resource it is today, a place for parents, teachers and therapists to find fun and functional movement-based activities.

profile picture Chanda Jothen
Pink Oatmeal isn't just a combination of her favorite color and food.  It is Chanda's outlet for combining her experiences as a mom and a physical therapist.  In 10 Baby Items You Don't Need, Chanda was candid about her point of view on "crotch danglers" and jumpers, to which I can totally relate and appreciate.  She found that ultimately her "laundry basket or diaper box were better options and far less money" in comparison to an exersaucer.  
I have to admit, I had every single one of the items she discussed.  And that's ok, because ultimately "moderation is key when it comes to baby equipment.  If there is a product that works for you just be careful not to overuse it or pass baby from product to product with little floor time or time to explore their environment. "

Now with baby number two on the way, you can expect Chanda to continue on writing about the blending of motherhood and physical therapy.  

Since it is the start of school, make sure to check out her recent post about incorporating movement stations into the daily classroom routine.  "[Movement Stations] are the perfect way to incorporate movement and brain breaks into the day.  They are one solution to making sure that student’s are getting movement in their day.  We know that research shows us that kids that move and are physically fit perform better in the classroom.  It is part of a natural flow in the classroom and it’s motivating for the students."

You download free and cost yoga cards, brain break cards and more at Chanda's Pink Oatmeal Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And of course, you can also contact her directly at  So if you happen to be hungry for marvelous movement activities, satisfy your appetite with Pink Oatmeal.

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