Thursday, September 3, 2015

September SpOT Light Series:The Speel

I am starting the SpOT Light Series with a trip across the Pacific. 

It wasn't even one year ago that Australian Speech and Language Pathologist Alex Trichilo took her passion for pediatric speech pathology to the world wide web with her site The Speel.  
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"I felt selfish having so much information about speech and language that families were paying for so I wanted to reach a wider audience and allow the information to be free."

Alex Trichilo profile picAlex is a Speech and Language Pathologist who received her Bachelor of Human Communication Science (Speech Patholgy) seven years ago. She provides service to children ages 2-21 in Australia. Her focus and specialties include Speech, Literacy, Voice, and Accents.

For those who work with children with special needs, progress is measured in successful little steps. But when a child takes a giant leap, the memory becomes engrained. Apraxia of Speech is frustrating to say the least. According to American Speech and Hearing Association, Apraxia of Speech is a motor planning disorder related to the difficult coordinating the muscle movements to produce the words. So when one of her five year old clients with this disorder finally told her that he was able to report the school news without mistakes, it gave her a sense of pride and joy.

Alex focuses on parents to guide her content. "Most Speech Pathology blogs are written for other Speech Pathologists which means that they use a lot of jargon and are very therapy focused. The Speel is written specifically for parents and is driven by the requests and questions that we get from our readers." 

Alex states that there is "no need to buy expensive toys or gadgets, make the most of every day activities by adding language and building comprehension, social skills into everything. This ensures that children develop functional language skills and apply their skills to their environment."

In one of her favorite posts, Giving you the tools for Developing your child's Communication Skills, Alex explained how the importance of being in the moment and conversing with your child is one of the best ways to expand language development.

Not only can you find great speech and language tips on her site, The Speel also hosts a You Tube Channel with suggestions for tasks including Listening Comprehension and Speech Sounds.  She also posts free downloads and printable informational materials. So, if you want to reach out to Alex, visit The Speel or contact her directly at

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