Thursday, September 17, 2015

September SpOT Light Series: OT Potential

Occupational Therapist Sarah Lyon is taking her pOTential and growing it exponentially.  
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Sarah authors OT Potential, a site that allows her to feed her hunger for writing.  "I started blogging as a way to connect with fellow occupational therapists. My first job out of school was as the only OT at a hospital in rural Nebraska. I relied heavily on my online community to ask questions and get support. At the time, there was a whole lot less written about OT and so I ended up starting my own blog. "  
Not only that, but she is also the Occupational Therapy Expert on "When the opportunity arose to head up the occupational therapy page on, I jumped on it. Breaking down medical jargon into straightforward, client-friendly information and advice is one of my passions." On both sites, Sarah provides quick reference guides for clients to navigate the world of OT like How to Find the Right Occupational Therapist and 8 Questions to Ask Your Occupational Therapist.

Sarah's experiences in a variety of hospital setting including trauma, in-patient psych and critical access, provides her with a unique perspective not often written about.  She provided a snap shot of A Day in the Life of an OT at a State Psychiatric Hospital on a guest post for OT Cafe during April 2015's OT Month.  

 "I ran a life-skills group for men who had been hospitalized for several years and were preparing to return to the community. Every other Friday we did a cooking group, which always constituted my favorite sessions. It was incredible to watch they use a skill set that had lay dormant for several years. Cooking brings out so much personality in people."

With only four years into the field after completing her Masters from NYU, this Trekie, polka and choral music enthusiast, and Agents of Shield fan is already making her OT pOTential known.
"I love that there are so many professionals willing to share their knowledge in the online sphere. There are great pediatric therapy bloggers out there that are certainly worth a follow!"

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  1. Thanks for the spotlight! This is such a fun series. I am loving your introductions to the different blogs!

  2. Thank you for participating!!! It's so important to share experiences, because if you touch at least one other persons life, you have made a difference