Sunday, November 13, 2011

#11 Boog Date Night

We were blessed last night with a mini Boog date night.  My mother had her own special night with the Mudge and we took advantage of that.

It was a Daddy, Mommy and Boog night.  He emphatically chose bowling.  But first, dinner at Applebee's where he was able to imbibe in a little Sprite at supper.  And that always makes a meal that much cooler.  Then off to Town Hall Lanes in Johnston, RI for a round of bowling, they really have a pretty family friendly atmosphere.

I loved the way Boog's head tilted as the bowling ball rolled towards the pins as if it were to will it in the direction he leaned. Every time.  It was so cute.  He would get so excited to knock them down, run (sometimes fall) and hit me up with a double high five.   Daddy didn't get them, since he was flat out too good at bowling.  It was a more of a competition for 2nd place between Boogie and me.  Thank god for bumpers, not just for him, but for me.  I really do suck at bowling.  But when I actually tried to suck so he could win, I knocked down more pins.  Go figure.

For us, when you have more than one child, we don't always get to spend that special time with them, without the sibling. It makes it worth while to see their joy and silliness without the interference of sibling rivalry.  Though they are the best of friends, they can be the worst of enemies.  And for the rare instance to have a little fun with just one at a time, I am grateful.

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