Tuesday, November 8, 2011

#15 Book Worms

I am incredibly thankful my kids like to read.  They take books in the car, in bed and in the bathroom.

It's pretty funny to watch Mudge say he has to go to the bathroom, bypass it completely, go to the book shelf in Boog's room, and choose a story...then head to the head.  And he will spend many minutes perusing the words and pictures.  Sometimes I can hear him reading versions of the stories to himself, and giggle to myself.

And even this morning, Boog woke up extra early to read three books to get stars for his chart.  At 5 am, he read each book joyfully and purposefully.  I can picture him when he is older drinking a cup of coffee, doing crosswords and reading the headlines, at 430 in the morning....

Reading for them is Fun Da Mental.  They have a sense of pride and accomplishment when they identify new words and sounds (or in Mudge's case letters and pictures).  They get a kick out of the simplest stories.    And overall just have found a love for the written word.  I am truly thankful they do.

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