Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream for Supper

You wouldn't know it, but my husband is a big mush pot. 

Last year, at this time, a child that he knew suddenly passed away.  And in that moment, he went into his calendar and set a repeat event: Ice Cream for Supper.

I didn't think of it until he told me the other day that Thursday night was his night to make supper.  And later on he came home with ice cream and whipped cream.  He filled me in and told me not to tell the boys.  

Tonight, after he came home, he made ice cream sundaes for supper.  The boys of course thought it was the best night ever, and Mudge even ate most of his supper without fuss.

But ice cream for supper was not for nothing.  It is something he created to remind us to let the kids be kids, hold them tighter, and smile a little more often since you never know what may happen.  

We both know too many little ones who are no longer here, and we are thankful everyday we have our boys, as crazy as they make life sometimes.   I don't always remember to do what Brad Paisley says, "Live for the little moments".  So on days like these, I am thankful my husband does.


  1. That is the sweetest, saddest story. I love that he put it in his calendar!

  2. It's definitely a way to make sure you celebrate living in those little ways