Friday, November 25, 2011


Forgive me, blog, for I have sinned. I have not written anything in almost a week.

OK.  Now that is over.
Along with Thanksgiving, almost.

Black Friday is upon us, and there are crazy people out there attempting to purchase the ultimate items for the lowest prices known to man kind.  I am NOT one of them.  I did that one year, and vowed no way in hell would I do that again.  It was insane.  It reminded me of a flash mob (before they became a thing) where everyone meets at Walmart, screams, pushes, and uses the antithesis of natural human kindness, to get to that $2 Elmo doll.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I much rather go at my leisure or do Cyber Monday.

With exactly one month till Christmas, and even less till Hanukkah, it is time to puke the holidays. And love every minute of it.  So pull back your hair, and good luck!

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