Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beauty of Sick Days....

Last year I think, my average work week was 4 days long during the fall and winter months, since Mudget was ALWAYS sick.  Ear infections, tube placements, more ear infections, adenoids out and another tube placement.  Snots. Fevers. General malaise.  You name it, he got it.  I even took him to an allergist/immunologist because it was so friggin frequent.  For the most part, I could call up the pediatrician and they would call me by name, saying how very nice it was to see me… again. 

This year was a little better, not as many sick days needed for them, but quite a few for me.  And now today, I am home with a sick Booger.  Though he doesn’t need them often, when he does, it is kind of nice.

As he is still 5, its ok that we can cuddle, do puzzles, watch a movie and I can dote on him.  We don’t get to have as much one on one time, as I think we both would like, so we will take advantage of it. There are those little plusses to the Sick Day.  You get away with a little more, eat and drink whatever you want, play a little more DSi, watch a little more tv, color, and wrap up in a blanket.

So today, me and the Boog will chill out and enjoy some quality mother son time.  Of course, I still send the Mudget to school, because frankly, he will just piss off the sick one, and it is not worth the aggravation.  

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