Monday, May 2, 2011

Mommy's Dirty Little Secrets

As mothers day is quickly approaching and our loved ones think about what to get or make us because we are perfect (hold back the laugh Kyle), I couldn't help but recall a little book I received called Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms by Trish Ashworth and Amy Nobile.  And it got me thinking...that I might state some of my dirty little mommy secrets so that you will free yourself from guilt and acknowledge  yours as well...

10. There are times I swear to myself, loudly, in the even when the kids are in the back
9. I skip chunks of my boys' bedtime stories 
8. I've thrown out toys but told them I couldn't find them
7. I've told booger that the police will arrest him if he didnt buckle up
6. I've driven without him buckled in because he refused to do it
5. Sometimes I feel guilty because I like going to work, it's like a vacation 
4. I have a"bad mommy voice" and I have used it
3. There are days that I've given the kids Tylenol, dropped them off at school and hoped for the best
2. There are times I tell the kids I'm making dinner just to go inside and check email
1. As much as I love having a quiet nite with the kids away, I miss them terribly.  But I still send them

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  1. Guilty on all counts. I guess they are Daddy's dirty secrets too.