Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ode to Mike Rowe- "Honest work looks an awful lot like dirt"

One of the coolest men on earth, besides my husband of course, has to be Mike Rowe.  Most of you know him, I'm sure from Dirty Jobs.  But that isn’t his only job. In fact he narrates everything under the sun, from Ghost Hunters to Deadliest Catch to Wild Pacific, Ghost Lab.  And he has hosted Shark Week.  And of course who can forget the Ford commercials.  Or the Lee Jeans.  

Anyway, here is my tribute to Mike Rowe
My top ten reasons I want to have a drink with Mike:

10- He sang in the opera. How many men can say they’ve done that?
9- He has read to students who were visually impaired when he was a boy scout
8- He believes in playing in the mud

7- He has created his own Jelly Belly flavor
6- He has brought light to hundreds of jobs no one thought existed
5- He likes to be dirty.

4- He helped dirty Oscar the Grouch's pig on Sesame Street
3- He has fondled horses, cows, birds, sheep in the name of the job and has not gotten arrested 
2- He spoke on the behalf of the working man during a Science, Commerce, and Transportation Congressional Hearing on the importance of not forgetting the trade services!!!
And the top reason I would love to have a beer with Mike Rowe is….
1. He can shoot the "pooh" as good as he can shovel it!

Check out Mike's Foundation at http://www.mikeroweworks.com/

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