Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Not A Race, Unless I Win

One of the funnier things I notice about my children is how they can make everything or nothing into a race.  And only if they win, is it a race.

I win! I made it to the toilet first.
I win! I got dressed first.
I win! I got in the bath first.

No you didn't. It wasn't a race!

Then the crying begins.  No, I wanted to stand on the toilet.  No, I was supposed to shut off the tv.  You get the idea.  So besides being parents, we are also referees attempting to state the rules of the game.  Gentlemen, you must adhere to these rules. In the mornings, Mudget may stand on the toilet to brush his teeth.  In the evening, Booger may have access to the toilet.  If and only if the other brother or parents state they may have a turn, may the switch occur.  The television will be shut off by the eldest brother in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by the youngest on Fridays and every other Monday.

All this just to keep the peace. Friendly competition can be good.  Brotherly competition will eventually turn into fighting match.  I am just waiting for the first black eye.

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