Thursday, May 19, 2011

The definition of a Mudget

Mudget: (noun) origins in Rhode Island, however found as roads and avenues in New Hampshire.  (1) The colorful combination of F^%# midget, so that it is not so obvious when a 5 year old sibling calls the child in  public.  (2) The short, younger sibling on a Booger (3) The incredible adorable, yet manipulative and creative 3 y.o. that lives in our house.

For those that do not personally know me, you were probably thinking I was quite odd for nick naming my children Booger and Mudget.  Booger's nick name is quite straight forward, originating from his infant, snot filled days.  And it just stuck.  Mudget, well, that was more thought-out.

You see, from a very young age, the Mudget was a low key kind of infant, just a go with the flow kid.  Until he started to move and talk.  And that's when it happened.  Kyle and I kept wanting to call him (lovingly) an F-ing midget.  But that wasn't very appropriate in front of his older brother, grocery store goers, postal workers, etc.  So, at first, we thought a "Fidget" but that didn't quite fit the bill.  Then "Fudget" was too close to the original.  So "Mudget" was born.  Perfect. And 3 years later, as I am writing this in between 17 placements into time out for being, well, a mudget, it fits the bill more than ever.  Oddly enough, if you google it, which we did much later after the process, there are other definitions of a Mudget.  But this one, is ours. We love it, we love him.  Even if he is an F#$%ing midget at times. :)

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