Saturday, May 21, 2011

Looking for Something to do this weekend? Tomorrow Starts the Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit

Last year, we signed up for The Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit.  Though, we only made it to one of the events, it was a lot of fun, and it was free.  The RI Parks and Rec Association organizes this 12 week event to help families discover and enjoy the recreational resources and outdoor activities our state parks have to offer, and to get moving toward a healthier lifestyle. Tomorrow May 22, 2011, launches the first event of this years game at Lincoln Woods, Lincoln RI, off of route 146.  Last year, there were tons of things to do including fishing, games, giveaways, etc.  The boys had a blast. And so did we.

To play the Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit, you need a minimum two-member team (one adult 18 years or older and one child under 18) and the desire to have a great time. You’ll decode clues, discover Rhode Island’s beautiful state parks and participate in fun activities and challenges - all for a chance to win great prizes.
You will be invited to participate in up to seven “Pursuits” over a 12-week period. See the events page for the schedule. At each pursuit, you’ll be able to participate in free and low-cost activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing and children’s games. Each Pursuit will also feature music, food, environmental and health-related exhibits, and free raffles, give-a-ways and samples.

Five of the Pursuits require attendance on specific days. The remaining Pursuits are "self-guided" that you and your team can do on your own, before the Grand Finale. See the events page for a list of options to choose from.

So we are looking forward to it again this year, in hopes to get to a few more events.  And maybe we will see you there!

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