Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To know or not to No

Finger pointing, eyebrows low. Mouth in the shape of the letter O

Do you find yourself saying "no" more often that not?
No you may not cut your brothers toe nails.
No you may not eat goldfish for breakfast
No you may not ride the dog like a pony
No you may not use mommy's phone to call an alien

But what happened to yes? If you find that yourself like me a few months ago, slightly too similar to Jim Carey's character in Yes Man, saying the n o word to everything then try saying yes.  I made an actual effort to saying yes more frequently and freely.
Yes you can go jump in that puddle
Yes we cam do gave painting now even though it is 6:15 am
Yes you can have pizza for breakfast
And do you know what happened?we were generally happier.
I mean if you look at it scientifically,  you could hypothesize that there would be a positive correlation between the frequency of the word yes stated in the household to the number of smiles therefore leading to a negative correlation to number of time outs.
Now with such powerful Evidence I want you to practice this as well and  report back your findings...

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