Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bubbles or No Bubbles?

Four score and seven years ago, when I walked up hill both ways barefoot, I remember having my tall cup of coffee milk (a Rhode Island staple) accompanied by a straw, specifically used for experimentation: to see how many bubbles I could make without making a mess.

But once you become a parent, I think sometimes you lose those memories and get caught up in the day.  So initially, when the boys started blowing bubbles in their drinks, my immediate reaction was, "Don't."  I know, but I am a negative first responder.  Trust me, I see where my spirited child gets it.  But then the bubblicious memory of having mountains of the spherical objects growing taller and taller, popped into my head.  I just couldn't NOT let them have this same simple joy.

And since, Mudge needs to work on his "nasal emission" problem, letting air come out his nose when he talks so he sounds nasally, blowing bubbles is purposeful and therapeutic.  So now, when the boys blow into their drinks, I say go for it, with the only rule is not let them go out of the cup.  I know if you give them an inch.....

So the question is: Do you bubble?

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